Step 1

Plug Stick into your modem or router

Step 2

Download App

Step 3

Stick Tags on doors and windows and you're good to go!

Engage your Friends,
Family and Neighbors

Create a Security Circle from the contacts on your phone. Then when you get an alert on the Korner App you can involve your community with one press of a button!

  • "I have happily discontinued the traditional monitoring service I have been using for years in lieu of Korner and am totally satisfied! "

    -Jeffrey A, San Antonio,TX

  • "I recommend the Korner system as a simple security system, it took less than 5 mins to install…. a system that can easily move from house to house or flat to flat."

    -Errol M., Addlestone,UK

  • "I gave this system to my sister who is out of work and disabled – and who had her home broken into in the past…My sister is delighted and so relieved to be well protected. Thank you Korner! "

    -Rochelle, Sammamish,WA

  • "The customer service is impeccable. I had a hiccup while installing (totally user error), sent an email and had a very thorough response within MINUTES. Problem instantly solved! "

    -C. Russell, Atlanta,GA

  • "The first security system I have had that has not had bulky battery packs and magnetic sensors that make your doors and windows look ugly "

    -Gerald T, Kissimmee,FL

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