Odds Of A Burglary Being Solved Are Slim

Published: Tue, 6 December 2016

According to the FBI, just over 10% of burglaries are solved, and one takes place in the US every 18 seconds. Across the pond in England and Wales, they shut down 4 of 5 investigations without identifying a suspect.  Property crime affects more people than any other type of crime, and victims are usually met with overwhelmed police departments.  Burglars are typically in and out within 10 minutes, so it is difficult to catch them in the act.  Many burglaries remain open cases because there is simply a lack of evidence.  Stolen items are often widely available such as an Xbox, iPad, TV, or other elecronic devices. Burglars quickly take stolen items to pawn shops or online sites like Ebay and Craigslist. One helpful measure that can be taken by homeowners is to record the serial numbers or any other identifiers on their valuables.

But the best preventative measure is a home security system.  Most are rigged with an in-home siren that will scare away an intruder before they even step foot in the home. Check out this break-in where Korner Home Security did just that.  Note that the burglar wasn't particularly deterred by cameras on the outside of the house.  But once he broke a window and heard the Korner siren, he immediately high-tailed it off the property!  At the end of the day, the homeowner had to replace a single pane of glass, but nothing more.

Just about any home security system will have a siren, but the problem for many is thehigh entry cost of these systems.  Most can cost hundreds of dollars, with healthy recurring fees.  Korner, by offering an entry level system for under $100, provides burglary prevention to everyone, regardless of budget.  

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