Smart Home Pricing Problem

Published: Fri, 14 August 2015

The Smart Home has a pricing problem. Although the promise of the Smart Home is appealing to many, the ultimate gauge of real interest is whether people will buy it or not. And when you take a look at the price difference between connected devices and their unconnected brethren, it begs the question – is the mass market really ready to make this leap? The following graphic demonstrates the drastic price differentials. And this is just for the specific devices, and leaves out cost of smarthubs and other equipment that would bring the experience together with a single point of control for the customer (see our post on this).

At Korner we are doing our best to address this, at least for home security systems initially. At a total first year cost under $100, we are much cheaper than the alternatives, with Simplisafe coming in at over $400, and ADT Home Security coming in at a whopping $600 (not to mention the multi-year contracts).
With Korner, people have a way to eeeease their way into the Smart home…

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